Here are a few products that you can use to make the game better to play.

The steering wheel choice is the most realistic way to play the game. But if you want to use a normal game controller you can do that too. Personally, I use a simple Logitech Wired controller. Works just fine. If you want a simple steering wheel then I would buy the PXN V900. It just works, with no extra power cable needed, and will work on your Android phone too.

The Logitech steering wheels are overkill for my game. You will be to download some software in order to use the controller.

Download G-Hub here

If you are going to buy a Logitech G29 or Logitech G29, you can just get the cheapest one, unless you have a PS4/5 Or an Xbox that you may want to play other racing games on.

The only reason I use a Logitech g29 is because I play American Truck Simulator and European Trucking Simulator 2 where I use a shifter and use the clutch.

My U.S. Trucking Skills

For the PC

This is a simple but powerful game that will help you to get used to reversing trailers into spaces that are very common. My name is David Crowley, I drove a truck for over 20 years and have backed up over 80k in my carrier, I know pretty much everything there is to reversing a trailer into any space. I just want to give you a safe space for you to wrap your head around what way to turn the steering wheel when backing up. I designed all of the levels from what I experience on a day-to-day basis.

Before You Download, please read!!!

Once you have paid for the game, you will get the download link sent to your EMAIL. Please check your spam folder if it's not in your main Inbox.

It's going to be in a ZIP Folder, Open Folder, and drag it to the desktop for easy access to the game.

Windows will not like this file, because it does not know it and you will see something like the images below

Chrome will not like if 1st so click on the 3 dots and select "Keep".

Then Windows won't know it, so click on "More info", then "Run Anyway"

you only have to do this once.

Android users click here
iOS users click here